Learn proper paddling technique, turns, & work up a sweat on your board! We begin class on shore to go over the basic fundamentals of SUP; water safety, board anatomy, proper paddle positioning, stroke technique, launching, and progressions to getting up. Fitness exercises (core & plank work) will be taught as paddlers progress in SUP. Classes for ages 12 & up. No SUP experience required, but you should feel comfortable in open water (be able to tread water).

*Year around Private Sessions: BOOK HERE

*Summer group classes: BOOK HERE

Local PaddleFit Group Classes:

Issaquah & Sammamish Group PaddleFit Classes with One Mind Yoga April through October

on Beaver Lake & Lake Sammamish. Gear provided!


PaddleFit with Paddling Yogini
Local Private PaddleFit Sessions:

Beaver Lake, Lake Sammamish & Lake Washington.

Let me help you build your foundation on a SUP. 

Gear provided!


Traveling PaddleFit Lessons:

I offer PaddleFit lessons 

year-around on any body of water in the Pacific Northwest. Let me help you build your foundation on a SUP! Gear provided! Let me know when you're ready to get on the water! Email me at